Covers arts made for music mixes.
Cover Art, October 2012
Still images of an audiovisual project under construction, where I make both music and video. Mixed media. 
Illustration and typography design for the musical project ALL SKULL 
Short clip of the vj set made on Raum Berlin the 21th of July alongside with the musical producer Cauto.
Still images taken from some of my vj sets. 
Colaboration with the multidisciplinar colective Make Your Own War (Spain), where I made the music for the video of their process to make the new collection for this spring/summer. March 2011. 

Photography and video editing and filming by MYOW

Creativity as a rutine Creativity is our religion from Make Your Own War on Vimeo.
Vectorial Illustration. August 2011.
Mixed media. January 2012.

The hidden memory from Ivtephx on Vimeo.
Video made for the project “The hidden memory” by Eila Siverio.  The video explains the concept of the hidden memories and the way the affect us.